Browse Your Local Pawn Shop for Bicycles

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Browse Your Local Pawn Shop for Bicycles

21 November 2022
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If you want to buy a bicycle for a member of your family, local sporting goods stores shouldn't be the only places that you shop. It's also worthwhile to drop into one or more pawn shops in your area to see what inventory they currently have. It's common for pawn shops to carry used bicycles. Some of these devices will have moderate signs of use, while others will appear almost new — a likely sign that the previous owner didn't ride very often. New bikes can be expensive, so you'll save a lot of money shopping for something used. Here are three bike options that you'll often find at pawn shops. 

Children's Bikes

Children often go through bikes quickly. A child who grows at a rapid rate may only get a few years of use out of a bike. The child's parents might then take it to a pawn shop to get some money to use for the next bike purchase. This generally means that pawn shops carry a lot of bicycles that can be suitable for kids of all ages. Often, you'll find a row of bikes parked outside of the shop, allowing you to browse your options before entering to discuss making a deal.

Adult's Bikes

You should also expect to encounter plenty of bikes for adults at your local pawn shop. Some people buy bikes with the goal of riding often, perhaps to get in shape. Unfortunately, these plans don't always turn out, and some people's bikes collect dust in the garage before they finally decide to sell them at pawn shops. These shops will usually have a variety of different bikes for adults, including mountain bikes and road bikes. Think about what type of cycling most appeals to you, and then shop accordingly. 

Electric Bikes

Electric bikes are very popular today, which means that when one arrives at a pawn shop, it often sells quickly. If you're lucky to visit a local shop when there's an electric bike for sale, you may find that it's marked down considerably over what you'd pay for a new model. If you haven't previously ridden an electric bike, it can be a good option to consider. Many people enjoy this type of bicycle for leisurely rides, but it can also be handy for running errands in your neighborhood or even commuting to and from work. Visit a pawn shop if you're on a quest to buy a bicycle.