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Hello everyone. Welcome to my site about running your own business. My name is Neil Gregory. When I was attending a local university, I wanted to learn all I could about local startup companies. From there, I developed a working knowledge of small and large company operations. I studied everything from small family-owned companies to large global corporations. I will talk about the different setups you can use while running your own business to help you get started. I will also share information about the tools and techniques that help businesses thrive in a competitive market. Thanks for visiting my site.


Finding And Using The Right Domain Name For Your Brand

27 June 2019
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The old adage begs the question—"What's in a name?". When it comes to your company's branding and marketing, the name is essential. More specifically, you'll need to recognize the importance of deciding on the right domain name. When running a business, people need to easily find you on the web, so having a marketable domain name is foundational to having a great web presence.  To this end, read on and use the following strategies so that you can buy the best domain name possible for your business and brand. Read More …

Stressed? Why You Should Consider A Beach House Rental

18 May 2019
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A beach house getaway is the perfect way to take a step away from the day-to-day stresses of life and just sit back and relax. You can get a whiff of the salty ocean and feel the white, powdery sand between your toes—almost nothing can beat it. If you are looking for a way to relieve some stress, here are three reasons you may want to consider booking a beach house rental in the near future. Read More …

Protecting Your Family With A Storm Shelter

18 May 2019
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For those that live in areas that frequently experience strong storms, the addition of a storm shelter to their property can be one of the best upgrades that you can make for keeping your family safe during strong storms. Appreciate The Benefits Of A Dedicated Storm Shelter Individuals will often assume that their basement will be sufficiently safe during strong storms. However, being in the basement can still leave you exposed to some risks. Read More …

3 Signs You Shouldn’t Search For IT Employees Yourself

26 April 2019
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You might have made the decision to hire at least one IT employee to work for your business, and you might have decided that you are the one who is going to do the hiring. It might seem like it will be pretty easy for you to post a few ads on job boards and to take in a few resumes, but the process of hunting for IT employees can be tougher than the average business owner might realize. Read More …

2 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Applying For A Loan

25 March 2019
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Trying to pay for something important and falling short because you have other expenses to take care of with your paycheck? If your paycheck typically goes to rent, groceries, bills, and other necessities, you might not have enough money left over to use for anything else. When you are in a situation like this, it is normal to feel frustrated, but you can always apply for a loan. While a loan can help you during a time when you are truly in need, you should ask yourself a few essential questions before you officially complete an application and borrow the money. Read More …