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Hello everyone. Welcome to my site about running your own business. My name is Neil Gregory. When I was attending a local university, I wanted to learn all I could about local startup companies. From there, I developed a working knowledge of small and large company operations. I studied everything from small family-owned companies to large global corporations. I will talk about the different setups you can use while running your own business to help you get started. I will also share information about the tools and techniques that help businesses thrive in a competitive market. Thanks for visiting my site.


How To Maximize The Effectiveness Of CBD Topicals

21 May 2020
 Categories: Business, Blog

CBD topicals can be really helpful for managing conditions like dry skin and irritation. They can also be helpful for easing joint pain and headaches since the CBD does penetrate the skin, get absorbed into the bloodstream, and bind with receptors throughout the body. One important aspect of using topicals, however, is ensuring their effectiveness. Here's how to do that. Buy topicals in good-quality carriers. All CBD topicals contain CBD, but these products come with a wide range of " Read More …

3 Reasons You Should Install A Fire Sprinkler System When Building A New Home

24 April 2020
 Categories: Business, Blog

If you are having a new home built, you should seriously consider having a residential fire sprinkler system installed during the construction process. Including a fire sprinkler system in your building plans will not drastically increase the price of your home, but you will reap several advantages. In most cases, having a fire sprinkler system installed when a house is being built is much easier than retrofitting an existing home, so it is in your best interest to be proactive. Read More …