Secrets Revealed: Burial At Sea

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Secrets Revealed: Burial At Sea

8 September 2023
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Throughout history, the ocean has served as a serene and welcoming sanctuary, providing a final resting place for cherished souls. People opt for a burial at sea for various reasons, such as fulfilling the wishes of someone who loved the ocean or scattering ashes to create a memorial. This post delves into the various ways a burial at sea can be performed.

Full-body burial at sea:

A full-body burial at sea is gaining popularity for those wishing to return to the ocean. The body, enclosed in an environmentally friendly casket, is respectfully lowered into the ocean. However, certain regulations must be followed to ensure the marine environment's protection and other vessel safety.

Ashes scattering at sea:

Ashes scattering at sea is often an option chosen by the families of those who have been cremated. The scattered ashes can be scattered in any ocean or location, or you can opt to have the scattering ceremony on board a boat. Many people choose this option for their final resting place as it provides a unique way to be in contact with the ocean.

Biodegradable urns:

Environmentalists might lean towards the idea of biodegradable urns. These vessels are made of materials like recycled wood, compressed ashes, and clay, among many other alternative materials. This option has become very popular in recent times and provides a more eco-friendly option to traditional urns.

Unattended ashes scattering:

This is a cost-effective way of scattering ashes at sea. Unattended scattering can be done with the help of a professional company that offers the service, where the ashes are brought to the ocean and scattered in the absence of family members. This method allows individuals to have their ashes scattered in their favorite ocean or location, but it is also cheaper and less of a hassle.

Navy burials:

For people who have served in the military, the Navy provides the option of burying them at sea as part of a military funeral. Such options offer the sailors an opportunity to maintain a close and lifelong connection to the ocean and the sea. The deceased is typically lowered into the sea on a Navy battle vessel.

In conclusion, the ocean offers a perfect resting place for those with a deep connection to the sea or a desire for a unique remembrance. With options like full-body burials and scattering urns, personalized farewells can be ensured for loved ones. 

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