How to Tell if Your Commercial Well Needs an Inspection

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How to Tell if Your Commercial Well Needs an Inspection

8 February 2024
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Clean water is essential to any business, and a well-maintained commercial well ensures that your water is free from harmful contaminants and is of its best quality. However, over time, commercial wells can experience problems that, when left unattended, can lead to more significant issues. That's why it's essential to know what signs to look out for when your commercial well needs attention, like needing an inspection. This post explores the red flags that you should keep an eye out for in your commercial well and why regular inspections are necessary.

Discolored Water

One of the first signs that your commercial well system may need attention is discolored water. This usually means that the well is not filtering water correctly, and it's likely contaminated. If you notice brown or green tones in your water, it's essential to have your well inspected. This is especially important if you serve water to customers or your business relies on it since discolored water can be a health hazard.

Fouled or Foul-Smelling Water

Fouled water may also mean that there is contamination in the system. If you notice your water smelling like rotten eggs or other sulfuric smells, then it's best to have an inspection done. It could mean that the well water is coming into contact with toxic substances or that it is poorly maintained. Regular inspection can ensure that your water is of the right quality and that you avoid waterborne illnesses.

Reduced Water Pressure

Reduced water pressure is a sign that your commercial well may need an inspection. It's a problem that can result from a damaged or clogged well screen, running a dry well, or water leaks. Low water pressure can also point to corroded or worn-down pipes, so don't hesitate to book an inspection if you suspect this problem.

Higher Electrical Bills

Another red flag that your well needs attention is a sudden increase in electrical bills. A commercial well pump should work efficiently, and if your energy usage is spiking, it could mean that it's struggling to provide water to your business. This either implies a problem with the system or that it's running overtime to overcompensate for the needed water. Regular well inspections and maintenance can help mitigate this problem before it significantly affects your bill.

Strange Noises

Your commercial well pump should work silently in the background. If you tend to hear strange noises like clanking, grinding, or clunking when it's working, it's time for an inspection. These sounds could indicate that something is wrong with the internal components of your well, like debris accumulating or metal scraping. Leaving it unattended can lead to further damage to your system.

Regular inspections of your commercial well are essential in keeping your output of clean water up to standard quality. Look for the signs listed above to avoid any contamination and waterborne hazards. Remember that prevention is crucial, and safeguarding the efficiency of your commercial well pump helps reduce potential losses in the long term. 

To learn more about commercial well inspection, reach out to a professional near you.