Reasons Your Assisted Living Community Should Have A Commercial Water Well

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Reasons Your Assisted Living Community Should Have A Commercial Water Well

18 February 2022
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Older assisted living communities tend to have issues that require a professional contractor. This is especially true when you are the owner and dealing with the need for massive renovations. One of the renovation issues you may be facing is the need for a more durable water supply, a cleaner water supply, or a backup water supply. All of these issues have a remedy. That remedy is the installation of a commercial water well. Here are some of the benefits of this option and what you should know about each. 

Water Supply for Ongoing Expansions

One of the concerns you may have is that your current water supply is not enough or integrated enough for expansions. With any assisted living facility, you may find that expansions are needed. These expansions can be ongoing and can encompass everything from larger kitchen areas to multiple therapy rooms that utilize water therapy for massages and for circulation. By having an installed commercial water well, you can ensure you have ongoing water supply for these expansions. You can also ensure the water is from a trusted nearby source that can be tested frequently for water safety. 

Consistent Water Pressure During Multiple Uses

Water pressure is a vital issue within assisted living care facilities. You need to ensure that, if several residents are bathing at the same time, the kitchens are preparing food, and the laundry is working on the daily linens, all have sustainable and consistent water pressure. Keep in mind, some of the water based tasks in your facility may depend on that strong water pressure. For example, water therapy requires a consistent water pressure for water massage therapy. Water pressure may also be necessary for cleaning the dishes in the kitchen properly and the linens. 

Filtration Options

Filtration is another issue that is vital to the water supply of an assisted living facility. When you rely on the public water system, you may be dealing with chemicals and purification agents that could cause severe health issues to your residents. Residents may have allergies or they may be on medication that does not allow interaction with certain chemicals. This means you may need a heavy duty filtration for the public water system. While you may still need a heavy duty filtration system for your commercial water well, the system can generally be placed directly into the well and be tested and monitored for any issues. 

When you are ready to have your assisted living property assessed for commercial water well drilling services, contact the contractor of your choice. They can assess the property and discuss the best methods of attaining and installing the water well. They can also discuss options for backup filtration systems and other extensions or additions of the water well system you choose.