Three Ways To Use A Storage Unit After You've Retired

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Three Ways To Use A Storage Unit After You've Retired

20 October 2017
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Storage units offer a great way to reduce clutter in your home, but they can also provide a host of benefits if you have recently retired. Here are just some of the many ways you can use your self-storage unit to enjoy your newly found free time:

Winter Storage

If you want to pack up and head for warmer weather in the winter, a self-storage unit can help to make that process easier. You can pack up your valuables and store them away while you are gone, which can help to give you a bit of added peace of mind as you enjoy the sunshine down south. Keeping your personal items in storage also frees up your home so you can rent it out while you are away, giving you an additional way to fund your retirement adventures. When you are ready to head back home at the end of winter, simply hire a moving company to transport your boxes back to your home so you can get settled back in.

Recreational Storage

Whether you are considering the purchase of a recreational vehicle or you are thinking about taking time to hike and camp, your self-storage unit can provide the ideal space you need for your gear. Keep your tent and other outdoor equipment stored away on freestanding shelves lined up against each wall of the unit, and use the center as free space for kayaks, rowboats, or even a small camper. Be sure you know the storage facility's rules on storing vehicles before you park your camper, and take some time to organize your gear by type so everything is easy to find.

Empty Nest Storage

Sometimes, retirement coincides with your children heading off to college. This may leave you with an empty nest, but there are lots of great things you can do with the extra space in your home. Use a storage unit to pack away your children's beds, toys, and other personal items, and then transform their bedrooms into spaces you and your spouse can enjoy. This might include creating a crafting room, a den, or a home gym. If you are renting storage that will be used solely for your children's possessions, be sure to give them keys to the unit so they can retrieve their items as needed.

Your self-storage space can be the staging area for your retirement adventures. Use these ideas to help decide if a storage unit is right for you, and get started on this next exciting chapter in your life. Contact a company like SaveMor Self Storage LTD for more information and assistance.