What Your Employees Can Learn Through Car Sales Phone Training

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What Your Employees Can Learn Through Car Sales Phone Training

19 September 2017
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Whether you own the dealership or simply manage it, you are going to want to consider putting some of your staff through car sales phone training. This way, they will be able to turn phone calls into sales. To get an idea of how they will do this, look through some of the things that they will be taught:

Establishing Rapport Quickly

This is important on any call, but especially on outbound calls because the people on the other end of the line might not be expecting the call. In many cases, a cold call results in your employees talking to someone who might be automatically upset that they received a call from anyone from any company. This is why your employee will need to learn how to quickly establish a solid rapport so the rest of the call can go smoothly.

Verifying More Credit Information

Even if the list of names and numbers you received were given to you based on their potential for a pre-approval, you will still want to gather more information from them. This helps to determine their qualification level a little more. The employees will be taught how to do this carefully so they can get the best information, without making the customer feel as though they have to give every piece of information over the phone. The rest of the loan application can be filled out at the dealership.

Confirming An Appointment

Closing the call properly is vital. The goal is to hang up with that person scheduled for a meeting with one of your salespeople in hopes of putting them in a new vehicle. To help your employees make this happen, they will learn how to properly schedule that date and time. For example, they should avoid asking questions that would lead to a "no" from the person on the phone. Instead, open-ended questions are best, such as asking what time tomorrow would be the best time to meet. The customers are basically taken by the hand and directed straight into a sales meeting.

Since there is a lot of valuable information to learn, you are going to want to make sure that you are setting your employees up with the best possible car sales phone training out there. Whether it is a training that they take at your dealership, or at home from their own personal computer in their free time, it will be well worth the time and effort.