How A Water Well Service Can Protect Your Family From Water Contaminants

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How A Water Well Service Can Protect Your Family From Water Contaminants

22 December 2021
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To make sure that the water from your well is safe to drink, you will need to have your well properly maintained by a water well service. This will ensure that your well continues to function properly, and you will also be less likely to make yourself and your family sick.

Water Well Inspections

Your water well needs to be checked every year to ensure that it is clean and is not contaminated. Your water might become contaminated by bacteria and nitrates that can cause health problems. In some cases, your water might have more serious contaminants such as arsenic or radon. However, these contaminants can all be tested for by a water well service.

The Disinfection of Your Water Well

When a well is found to have contaminants in it, the well needs to be disinfected by a water well service in addition to it being inspected. The correct disinfection of the well requires chemistry and specialized equipment. Therefore, it should only be attempted by a professional.

When disinfecting your well, you can easily chlorinate it too much, and you might damage the equipment. Both the pump and pump wire can become damaged due to the improper disinfection of the water well. Also, if the disinfection period does not last long enough, and not enough contact is made between the disinfectant and the microbes, your water well still might not be safe.

Water Well Tests

You will need to have your well tested periodically for pH and total dissolved solids as well. You'll especially want to do this if there are strange odors emanating from your water or if your water is leaving stains behind.

There are various hazardous materials that can make their way into your well, such as pesticides, paints, fertilizers, and motor oil. You must consult with a water well service that can make sure your well is properly separated from your home and any other potential hazards such as a waste system.

Water Well Repairs

A well that might have once been safe to drink out of can quickly become dangerous because the well might crack and waste materials might seep into the well. Regardless of whether a contractor determines that your well is damaged or not, you will need to have the well inspected for your records so you can keep track of its quality. This is essential to keep your family safe.

For more information, reach out to well services near you.