Why The Type Of Material You Choose For Your Blockout Banner Matters

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Why The Type Of Material You Choose For Your Blockout Banner Matters

11 June 2021
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Blockout banners are very popular among businesses of all sizes, from those that run out of the back of a car at a local market to huge, multi-national corporations with thousands of employees. That is because blockout banners look good, effectively get the message out, and are easy to set up. However, if you want them to meet their potential as a banner, then you need to choose blockout banner material that is perfect for your individual needs. Here are three things to look for in the material of your blockout banner that will ensure it is good for any occasion.

Resistant To The Elements

Most blockout banners are going to be placed outside in the elements because that is where they are going to catch the most attention. After all, the whole point of these blockout banners is to bring people into your store or sell a product or service. It is no good choosing a material on top of your blockout banner that is going to allow itself to get soaked by the rain or shriveled up by the sun. Synthetic materials are almost always going to be better than traditional materials used in signs that are organic and susceptible to decay. 

Easy To Read

The entire point of a blockout banner is that you are able to see what is on it clearly because there is no light coming through from the other side. With that in mind, it is important that you then decide on a material that is easy to print on and one that does not have a lot of glare or reflection. There are many types of plastics that offer this, as well as plastic/fabric blends that you might look into. Avoid laminated covers and highly reflective material that might look good on a showroom floor but will be impossible to read out in the open.

Simple To Set Up

Chances are you will need to set and pack up your blockout banners over and over again, at each new conference, market, display floor, and keynote speech that you go to. Weaker materials are known to tear quite easily with repeated motion, so again it is preferential to stick within synthetic materials that are purposely built to last against tearing and scratching. A good blockout banner can last you a decade or more when well maintained, but that is dependent on making the right choice when you buy it.

Contact a local sign and banner service to learn more about blockout banner material options.