Common Topics Routinely Discussed At The US China IP Conference

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Common Topics Routinely Discussed At The US China IP Conference

25 August 2020
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The United States and China share common interests when it comes to intellectual property. To ensure that both nations respect each other's laws and cultures, they come together each year in a US China IP Conference that the University of California Berkeley hosts for them. Members of the American and Chinese public who have valid interests in taking part in the conference discussions are invited to register for and attend these yearly meetings. They can contribute to common topics that are regularly discussed at the yearly US China Intellectual Property Conference in Berkeley.

Copyright Law

The topic of copyright law is one of the most common topics that is on the itinerary each year at the US China IP Conference. Both countries have their own version of copyright laws. However, neither is necessarily bound to follow the other's law within their respective borders.

Instead, both the U.S. and China come together each year to negotiate ways to abide by some or most aspects of each other's laws regarding copyrighted materials. Forum hosts encourage representatives from both countries to raise concerns during discussions and talk about ways that they can respect each other's copyright laws. They also reflect on how their own laws compare to international copyright laws and if any disputes could violate international treaties already in place.

Filming Co-Production

Both the Chinese and American film industries seek out places abroad to shoot films. During filming productions, they want the protection and respect of the country in which they are shooting. The US China IP Conference seeks to maintain that mutual respect when the US and China are filming in each other's countries.

The conference allows both countries to discuss what is permitted when filming movies and what productions might violate moral, criminal, or civil codes. They also reach an agreement on what country owns materials that are filmed within each other's borders. They might share ownership or reach an agreement to license the material being filmed.

The topics discussed at the US China IP Conference each year are meant to be civil and thoughtful. To ensure their civility and validate legal information being talked about, UC Berkeley routinely co-hosts the conferences with the California State Bar Association. The conference also runs for a full day and a half to allow for thorough discussion of all itinerary topics. The public can register to attend online. 

For more information on what is discussed and how to attend the US China IP Conference, consider consulting the consult the US-CHINA INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY EXCHANGE AND DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION.