How To Maximize The Effectiveness Of CBD Topicals

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How To Maximize The Effectiveness Of CBD Topicals

21 May 2020
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CBD topicals can be really helpful for managing conditions like dry skin and irritation. They can also be helpful for easing joint pain and headaches since the CBD does penetrate the skin, get absorbed into the bloodstream, and bind with receptors throughout the body. One important aspect of using topicals, however, is ensuring their effectiveness. Here's how to do that.

Buy topicals in good-quality carriers.

All CBD topicals contain CBD, but these products come with a wide range of "base" ingredients. Some, for example, have a coconut oil base. Others may have a more synthetic base. The better the base ingredients are absorbed into your skin, the more effectively CBD oil will be absorbed. Your best choice is CBD topicals made with natural oils, and more specifically coconut or jojoba oil. Look for a formula that is a little lighter and thinner, as this will be absorbed faster than a really thick, creamy topical.

Keep the topical in a dark place.

Hopefully your CBD product comes in a dark container. You should also store it in a dark place, such as in a cabinet. This helps prevent light from breaking down the CBD, which it eventually will if you leave the formula in direct sunshine.

Apply the topical to clean skin.

Do not apply the topical to oily, sweaty, or wet skin. Wash the application site with mild soap, and then dry it thoroughly before applying the CBD topical treatment. This will allow the CBD to move more directly into your pores, where it can be absorbed and utilized by your body. If you plan on using other topicals, such as acne treatments, always apply the CBD first. Let it soak in for 10 minutes before you apply the next treatment.

Make sure you are using enough.

With most topicals, you should apply as much as your skin will absorb at any time. It can be tough to know exactly how much this is at first. So start with a really light application, and then use a little more and a little more until the product seems not to be absorbing anymore. After a few uses, you'll be better able to estimate how much to apply at any one time.

CBD topicals can be really helpful for managing a wide range of conditions, but you do need to use them properly. Follow the tips above for best results, and reach out to the product's manufacturer for more information.

For more information about CBD topicals, contact a CBD product supplier