Protecting Your Family With A Storm Shelter

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Protecting Your Family With A Storm Shelter

18 May 2019
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For those that live in areas that frequently experience strong storms, the addition of a storm shelter to their property can be one of the best upgrades that you can make for keeping your family safe during strong storms.

Appreciate The Benefits Of A Dedicated Storm Shelter

Individuals will often assume that their basement will be sufficiently safe during strong storms. However, being in the basement can still leave you exposed to some risks. For example, if the top of the house collapses, you may be trapped in the basement or crushed under the debris. Additionally, if the house is torn from the foundation, those inside the basement could find themselves exposed. In contrast, a dedicated shelter will be separate from the home. Furthermore, its access hatch will be able to be sealed so that it will stay shut during periods of intense winds.

Review The Placement Of Your Utility Lines

When choosing where the place the storm shelter the first step will be to have your utility lines marked. Ideally, the storm shelter will need to be placed away from these lines while still being close enough to the home to be easily accessible during storms. While it could be possible to move these utility lines to make room for the underground storm shelter, this can greatly increase the costs and time needed for the shelter to be fully installed.

Opt For A Powered Shelter

Individuals often assume that their storm shelter will be a dark and uncomfortable location. While this can be true for basic shelters it is common for individuals to watch shelters with amenities to make the stress of seeking shelter from a storm easier to manage. At a minimum, individuals should consider opting for a powered shelter. These shelters will allow you to be able to use radios or other electronic devices to stay informed about the storm. These power systems often utilize solar panels and battery storage systems, which will ensure that the shelter retains power in the event the local power grid fails. Also, this will reduce the need to run electrical lines to the shelter.

Have Space For Emergency Supplies

One of the advantages of having a dedicated storm shelter is that you will have an area where you can safely store emergency supplies. This can include food and water along with medical supplies. Unfortunately, some people will not consider this need when they are sizing their storm shelter, which can lead to them choosing one that lacks the space to store enough of these materials.