Tired Of Wild, Generic Crowds? Grow Your Own Club Culture

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Tired Of Wild, Generic Crowds? Grow Your Own Club Culture

28 June 2017
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Most people need a place to call home away from home. Whether you're in a big city with too many venues catering to the biggest groups, or in a small town that may not have a huge club following, getting a club started is as easy as talking it out with someone who has done it before. Dream big, write down your greatest venue desires, and consider a few ways that a private club consulting firm can help you piece together an amazing gathering place.

Drinks, Music, And Dance

This begins with the more well-known and mainstream type of club. A few drinks, some light meals, and music to set the scene is the start of many clubs, and can make relaxation a lot easier.

Think about each aspect of a music-driven club. Do you want musical performances to be the highlight of the night and main attraction, or is music simply the mood and theme for the club? Are you interested in serving a sophisticated or innovative drink menu, or do you want to serve the standards while letting the guests handle their requests?

When you focus on a specific feature, keep in mind that it's not easy to juggle different features without hiring dedicated attendants. Getting fresh or consistent musical acts isn't a simple task, especially in small towns, and even keeping a DJ (disc jockey) on the team isn't a sure thing.

Just the same, there are various levels of bar tending. Someone who can serve beverages on request is fine if the drinks aren't the main attraction, and novices can be trained up well. If your guests expect works of art, you need to be ready to pay for a true drink artist--and the best of the mixology world can afford to be picky about their venues no matter how deep their pockets.

There's nothing wrong with multiple strong features, but keep the staff costs in mind. Even guest-dependent activities such as dancing or gaming can be a problem if you don't have hosts to keep the ball rolling if people aren't motivated.

Social Clubs With Quieter Demands

Not all clubs are about drinking, music, and dancing. Some are literally meeting grounds where members can come to get away from the worries of the world, or join together for a common task. 

Your club could be the gathering area for business leaders sharing a common goal, or a place where people with specific interests such as art, film, travel, or great exploits of adventure can trade stories and plan their next moves. It's a good way to give friends abroad a place to relax instead of searching for a couch or spare room to sleep in as well.

When planning private club houses, you may want to consider a more hospitality-focused arrangement. A good host and hybrid waitstaff that can cook, clean, and attend to basic needs on a temporary basis can deliver amazing results, making your club truly a home away from home.

Contact a private club consulting service to discuss different features for your future private venue.