Essential Moving Supplies You'll Need For Your Upcoming Move

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Essential Moving Supplies You'll Need For Your Upcoming Move

25 June 2017
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Stock up early on all the moving supplies you'll need so you can pack up boxes when you get a few minutes here and there. Start packing a few weeks or months before moving day and you'll spare yourself a lot of stress and frantic packing when the time draws near. Having the right supplies makes packing much easier. Here are a few of the essentials you need:

Packing Tape

Have plenty of packing tape on hand. When you seal the boxes with tape, the top of the box is flat. This is better than folding the top of the box into itself to close it because that leaves the top uneven and it makes stacking boxes difficult. When the tops are level, you can easily stack the boxes out of the way in your house and they will fare much better in the moving truck.

Marking Pens

Markers are handy for writing on the boxes. Write as much information as you need so you know what's inside each box. This helps you sort the boxes in your new home and lets you know which boxes you want to unpack first. Also, if you need something you've packed up before you move, you can find it by reading the box rather than opening and sorting through several boxes to find it.

Moving Boxes

Buy moving boxes, especially for heavy items. Moving boxes are designed to be sturdy and they are a uniform size for stacking. While you can probably get free boxes from your favorite grocery store, they will be various sizes and some won't have the sturdy bottoms you need for moving. Moving boxes are designed for different purposes. You can find small, extra sturdy boxes for books, boxes with individual cells for glasses, and huge boxes for moving clothes on hangers.

Small Bags

Food storage bags with zipping closures come in handy for holding small things together such as cosmetics, jewelry, socks, kitchen utensils, office supplies, and small toys. They keep small things from getting lost and prevent items from rolling around and causing damage. You can empty drawers into the larger bags, zip them shut, and store them inside the drawers for moving. You can place parts in small bags and tape the bag to the furniture or appliance that the parts belong to, no nothing gets lost in the move.

In addition, if you plan to prepare your furniture in advance, you may want to stock up on moving pads for the furniture you want to be wrapped. Bubble wrap is useful too for protecting fragile items when you place them in boxes.

Contact a company that specializes in moving supplies for more information and assistance.