3 Signs You Should Have Your Janitorial Service Come Out More Often

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3 Signs You Should Have Your Janitorial Service Come Out More Often

25 June 2017
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When you hire janitorial services to come out and clean your office, you may be asked how frequently you would like for the crew to come out. You can choose to have someone come out once a month, once every two weeks, once a week or even more often than that. Many people have a tough time deciding exactly how frequently they should have their office professionally cleaned, and it does vary from office to office. These are a few various signs that you might need to have your janitorial crew come out more often than it does currently, however.

1. You and Your Employees Have Limited Time

In some offices, employees have a little bit of spare time that can be dedicated to light cleaning tasks, such as emptying the wastebaskets. In these offices, having the janitorial crew come out less often and letting the employees fill in some of the gaps might not be a big deal. If you and your employees are always busy and pressed for time, however, you may not even really have time for these tasks. If this is the case, having your office cleaning crew come out more often might not be a bad idea.

2. You've Been Having to Pick Up the Slack More

When you originally signed up for your office janitorial services, you might have thought that the crew was coming out often enough. However, if you have found that you and your employees have been having to pick up the slack more, it's a good sign that your crew might not be coming out frequently enough. One way that you can improve this is by working with your office cleaning crew and having them come out more often.

3. Your Office is Showing Signs of Being Dirty

A good work environment should always be nice and clean. If you have found that your office looks dirty in-between cleanings, it's probably time to do something about it. After all, you probably do not want your office setting to be anything less than neat and tidy.

It can be tricky to try to determine exactly how often your janitorial service should be coming out to clean your office. If one of these three things applies to your office, however, it might be time to talk to someone from your janitorial service about the crew coming out more frequently. Then, you can make sure that the office is properly and professionally cleaned.