Cooperating During A Fire Investigation And Taking Precautions To Protect You And Your Staff During A Future Fire

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Cooperating During A Fire Investigation And Taking Precautions To Protect You And Your Staff During A Future Fire

24 June 2017
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If a fire broke out in the warehouse that you own and operate and an investigation is underway to determine the cause of the fire, the following tips will assist with providing the team of investigators with information that will help them locate the root of the problem. If the building only suffered minor fire damage and can be restored, take measures to ensure that you and your employees remain safe if subjected to another fire in the future. 

Provide Detailed Documentation Of Modifications

Provide the fire marshal or head investigator with documentation of modifications to the warehouse's structure. If new building materials were recently used or if an addition to the structure was completed within the last few months, show the head of the investigating team the changes that were made. Any electrical components that were installed inside of the premises need to be inspected in detail to ensure that they were wired properly.

Answer any questions that you are given as clearly as you can and contact the head of the investigation at a future date if you remember any additional details that could help determine what caused the fire. 

Give Information About Combustibles Inside Of The Workplace

If you and your employees handle combustible materials on a daily basis, list the items and their location within the facility. Cleaning supplies, solvents, or any other product that contains chemicals and needs to be stored in a safe location should be brought to attention. If a bottle wasn't closed properly or was stored in a closet or on a shelf that was located in a room that was exposed to high temperatures, a container could have tipped over and caused the contents to spill and ignite if they came into contact with electrical wiring or a heat source. 

Have Fire Safety Devices Installed And Inspected

Once the investigation is complete and repairs to the inside and outside of your warehouse have been made, have a fire extinguisher and alarm system installed inside of the building's interior. Sign you and your staff members up for fire safety courses that teach how to use an extinguisher and exit the premises in an orderly fashion.

Practice evacuating the building with your employees at random times and create a safety plan for you and your staff members to follow in case everyone is faced with a true emergency. Have the extinguisher and alarm system inspected each year and purchase new equipment as needed. Check with a company like Fire Science Investigations for more information.